Garagellenium XXI

Oak Bay Garage Sale - Saturday June 13, 2020

Garagellenium is Oak Bay's Garage Sale Day

The location of your garage sale must be within the Municipality of Oak Bay to have your address on the Garagellenium list of garage sales.

The sale is advertised to be from 9am to 1pm. All Oak Bay residents & community groups are encouraged to have their own garage sale at their residence or community space.

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Sadly we must CANCEL Garagellenium 2020 that was scheduled to take place in Oak Bay Saturday June 13 due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

We were looking forward to an even bigger and better Garagellenium this year but for the health and safety of everyone we are unable to go ahead with the event.

We will update this page in early 2021.

Tips for BUYERS going to Garage Sales

  • Don't be an Early Bird. 9:00 does not mean 8:30
  • Respect sellers property , stick to the driveway or sidewalk if possible
  • Carry small bills and change, don't expect the seller to always have change
  • Do not make insulting comments about items on sale, you are effectively insulting the seller
  • It's OK to bargain but be reasonable - often your best bet is to buy multiple items enticing the seller to give you a break
  • Be mindful when parking and driving - small congested streets can be dangerous
  • Don't ask for holds - if you want a larger item and need to come back for it prepay and give seller your contact info
  • Be courteous to your fellow "salers" say "please" and "thank you"
  • Most importantly have FUN!

Tips for Having a Garage Sale

  • Be Organized!
  • Advertise your sale
  • Price all items in the days prior to your sale and make sure everything has a price tag or clearly marked sign. (Some people are too shy to ask prices)
  • Price items realistically
  • Be prepared to negotiate the prices (especially if people are purchasing multiple items)
  • Have some change and small bills on hand so you are able to make change (Most people tend to come with $20s since that what is commonly given at bank machines)
  • Put out large easily readable signs with the day , date, start & and end time clearly displayed (take the signs down promptly after the sale ends)
  • Make sure there is parking (be a good neighbor and let the folks living around you that there may be extra traffic during your sale.
  • Have all your sale item out & displayed in your sale area BEFORE the time your sale is advertised to start
  • Try to have all items displayed in a place that is easy for people to see from the road and make sure items are easy to reach (do not have your sale items in an area that contains items that are not for sale)
  • Have a bin of free stuff (make sure it is clearly marked free)
  • If selling any electrical items have an extension cord plugged in so people can test the item
  • If selling clothes make sure you have gone through the pockets before putting them out for sale
  • Have a wide selection of items if possible (if you don't, maybe have some friends or family bring their treasures to sell at the same time)
  • Sell items that are clean and in good condition if possible
  • Most importantly HAVE FUN!
  • Have some shopping bags or boxes for people to carry items away

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